Live Support is a growing trend both in the customer support area as well as in the eCommerce and retail industry; latest trends show that in Europe eCommerce grew 20% from 2011 to 2012 while in the US the growth was 13% and it’s expected to keep growing worldwide [].

More than 80% of consumers buy and/or browse online for shopping every week and 50% of them have used Live Chat or Click-to-Call to interact with customer service representatives, with the percentage fairly consistent across different products/services groups  [ATG 2012].

This data shows that Live Support, provided on different channels, it’s a huge reality and that customers nowadays are used to find and choose between different options to get the support they need. But that’s not the whole story: a recent survey by American Express shows that  60% of Americans believe businesses haven’t increased their focus on providing good customer service — up from 55% in 2010.

Watch out: customers who have lost their temper due to a poor service experience will express their displeasure in a host of ways, interrupting the communication abruptly, asking for a supervisor or switching to a competitor (39%).

All of the above means that, while online businesses are growing and expanding, there’s much room left for improvement in the customer support and relationship areas. Are you doing enough to support your customers?


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