Efficient interactions are successful interactions

Seamlessly integrate real-time communications into your key business processes, offer contextual help and gain efficiency via proactive help

At the very heart of Vivocha sit its APIs.

Integrating Vivocha with other applications allows agents to provide a better customer experience by working on a single platform while interacting with customers, reducing the average response time, speeding up task completion, and avoiding errors.

Through the API, Vivocha users can, for instance:

• Fully customize, or even rewrite, each user interface element

• Create custom proactive rules, leveraging third party tools and platforms to take proactive decisions

• Integrate Vivocha in custom apps or enrich advertising campaigns

Works well with other software

Efficient interactions

Vivocha is completely cloud-based, offering real-time updates and zero deploy time.

Developed with flexibility in mind, Vivocha offers APIs designed to simplify integrations with external apps.
These allow agents to work on a single platform. It reduces average response time, speeds up task completion, and avoids errors, providing a better overall experience.


Vivocha enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers on their own store. Use any combination of voice, video, chat, callbacks, and collaboration tools: co-browsing, form and document sharing.

We offer a complete, easy set-up, fully customisable integration with a number of platforms. Create a unique e-commerce environment.

Creating ad hoc engagement widgets for any number of user segments, each with a customised CTA, is quick and simple.

Key Features

  • Provides agent with a single view of all relevant customer and cart info
  • Out of the box integrations, 5 minute set ups with no coding required
  • Customises to match client website look and feel
  • Proactive engagement enables personalized call to action

Key Benefits

  • Increases conversion rates by preventing abandoned shopping carts
  • Strengthens engagement and relationships with brands
  • Assisted shopping with co-browsing and form-filling
  • Further builds the customer profile
  • Identifies and supports hot leads

Customer Service & CRM

With Vivocha, reach unparalleled agent productivity thanks to seamless integrations between a number of platforms – CRM, customer service, ticketing and many more.

Service representatives can see all the relevant information within the very desktop they interact with customers from. Whether it be via chat, click-to-call, callback or even video.

Leverage existing customer information and update it with the latest interaction-based data. Deliver better customer experience with increased personal and overall productivity.

Key Features

  • Create tickets on the fly during a voice call or chat with a visitor
  • View pre-existing tickets for a returning customer
  • Add comments to an existing ticket
  • Add a chat transcript as a comment to an existing ticket
  • Push a ticket link to a customer during interactions

Key Benefits

  • Strengthening engagement, relationships, and the brand
  • Differentiation from the competitors (multichannel vs. chat only)
  • Suggesting trials, visits, demonstrations, and surveys
  • Preventing dissatisfaction with the site or service
  • Reducing cost per contact

ChatBot Integration

Thanks to Vivocha’s unique integration capabilities, make use of a new set of APIs and a Node.js SDK to build and integrate ChatBots in the platform.

The reigning concept in Vivocha is that ChatBots are virtual agents. Like real agents, they can chat with users, help them solve common issues, perform data collection tasks, and ultimately close contacts or transfer them to actual human agents.

Cognitive technologies can drastically improve the customer journey. Even help agents provide an immediate answer to a customer’s problem if transferred by a Bot.

Key Features

  • Acts like an agent your company would be proud to employ
  • Understands the situations and topics in which it makes sense to intervene (after coding)
  • Follows a general flow for customer interactions
  • Can integrate diverse programs for different ChatBots
  • Reacts to customer responses and provides real-time, context-based answers for a more human experience

Key Benefits

  • Increase your customers’ satisfaction with 24/7 support
  • Filter out the menial repetitive requests with bots to reduce the workload of human agents and increase their efficiency
  • Instantly answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions: they will love not having to wait for a human agent to resolve a common issue, and you will be rewarded for it
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Vivocha integrates perfectly with your CMS. Take advantage of website information to proactively engage customers. Communicate faster and more effectively with them.


Your marketers need to see the full picture in order to make good business decisions.

Vivocha’s chat transcript KPIs integrate natively into most leading analytics suites, supplying analysts with a comprehensive view of your website’s traffic.


Vivocha can integrate seamlessly with leading CTI, PaBX or SIP server vendors. Integrate out of the box or on a project basis, leveraging the routing and reporting capabilities of the pre-existing infrastructure.


The power of Vivocha.

Enabling real-time customer interaction is also available on the go. Vivocha’s mobile SDK easily integrates instant chat or voice support directly into iOS and Android Apps. Deliver customers the ultimate mobile experience, seamless and contextualised.

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