Become a Vivocha Partner

The world’s leading systems integrators,  service providers, and customer interaction vendors partner with Vivocha to expand their solution portfolio.

Vivocha’s Partner program

Service Providers

Vivocha Service Providers – VSPs – are able to offer chat/call center agents to operate the customer service, complementing Vivocha’s platform to create a complete solution.

Integrators Partners

The Integrators partnership is mainly addressed to Systems Integrators that want to expand their solution portfolio with a multichannel communication platform.

Technology Partners

Deliver white-labeled OEM customer interaction solutions to your customers, embed realtime communication capabilities into your solution.

Vivocha works directly with partners -primarily systems integrators and technology vendors – responsible for implementing the platform and maintaining the client relationship.

Through the Partnership program, Vivocha provides resources such as sales & marketing collateral, archived and live online demos and assistance with RFQs/RFPs. The “Rapid Response Team” addresses immediate opportunities presented by such partners.

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