eBook – 3 Key Benefits of Live Chat

Online Customer Engagement 3 Key Benefits of Live Chat for Customer

Businesses are engaging with more and more customers through online channels. Now, more than ever, businesses need to fully support the online customer experience and provide them with quality online support. In addition to phone, email, self-service, and video customer support channels, live chat is a great tool for online customer support that can lead to happier customers, increased conversions, and a reduction in service costs. But should your business use live chat for support?

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White Paper – How to Improve Customer Service This Holiday Season

The busy holidays can make or break your brand’s reputation. Did you know that 74% of people say that customer service around holiday time is the worst it is all year? Did you know that 91% of people surveyed feel that businesses should be better prepared for the holiday rush? To make matter worse, only about 20% of people feel bad for being rude to customer service representatives over the holidays.

Learn how to keep your business healthy and your customers happy during the inevitable craziness of holiday seasons.

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