Vivocha to exhibit at CommunicAsia 2017

Vivocha to exhibit at CommunicAsia 2017

Vivocha, the provider of Next Generation Customer Engagement solutions, today announced that the company will showcase its award-winning Real-Time Customer Engagement platform at CommunicAsia 2017 – Marina Bay Sand Singapore – May 23-25 2017.

“The contact center market in APAC is expected to exceed USD 1 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of almost 13%”, said Gianluca Ferranti – Vivocha CEO – “Our presence at CommunicAsia2017 is part of Vivocha’s growing commitment to the Asia Pacific region. In 2016 we signed some major wins in the area, and we opened a dedicated data center in Singapore to better serve our customer in the region.” is an emerging provider of Next Generation Customer Engagement solutions. Its award-winning platform enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers right on the website or Mobile App, using any combination of Video, Voice, Chat, and collaboration tools like co-browsing, form & document sharing. A sophisticated proactive engine optimizes contacts to reduce service cost and avoid redundant calls to the contact center.

More than 150 companies around the world, including INGDirect, DHL, Crédit Agricole, L’Occitane, AXA, Genertel, Allianz, TUI, Telecom Italia, Hastings Direct, E.ON, Accenture, NewLook, NTT Data, Postcode lottery, trust Vivocha’ technology to improve their Online customer care processes. As a stand-alone platform, or fully integrated with pre-existing contact center technologies, dramatically reduces deployment time and integration cost, resulting in fast ROI.

Online banking: Vivocha signs partnership agreement with Exprivia DFS for a smarter online customer service

Exprivia DFS will incorporate a Vivocha real-time online customer care platform into its online customers assistance service.

March 30, 2017 – Remote interactions between banks and customers keep increasing, and the online customer care evolves with a range of real-time services, smarter by the hour, integrated within banking portals or mobile banking solutions: from consulting with a personal financial manager via video chat, up to a guided proactive interaction between the customer and a specialist who previously detects the problem the user had while on the website, and suggests real time solutions.

All this becomes true thanks to the partnership agreement between Exprivia Financial Solutions Digital Srl – an Exprivia Group company focused on solutions for the financial branch – and Vivocha S.p.A. – Europe’s leading platform provider in Real Time Customer Engagement – aimed to the multimedia communication platform integration, included in the solutions offered by Exprivia for bank customers.

“The alliance between Exprivia and Vivocha – said Filippo Giannelli, CEO of Exprivia Digital Financial Solutions – will allow us to offer a more complete omnichannel solution which  provides for points of contact,  throughout the entire customer journey. Both banks and insurance agencies will improve digital interactions with their customers, hence increasing the effectiveness of the on-boarding strategies, and the loyalty of acquired customers.”

The solution- recently awarded by the prestigious American Computer Telephony Magazine as WebRTC Product of the Year  – will be integrated into the Exprivia suite of omnichannel Point of Contact,  allowing to significantly reduce the time and cost of remote digital support services. The new solution, directed to retail banking customers, will be integrated with the Personal Financial Manager application, aimed to the economic and financial planning, whether personal or family,  through a text interface used to activate the client’s requests and the internet-mobile banking of the bank at issue.

The solution is also designed to elevate the use of information and financial services to a new level; particularly regarding budget management, it allows the bank to be provided with useful information, in order to anticipate the needs of its client.

 “The rapid change in customer care paradigms in the financial world requires a growing focus on contact digital channels, and in particular the provision of support services payable via web and mobile,” said Gianluca Ferranti, CEO of Vivocha. “Our Real-Time Interaction solution allows to fully support the implementation process of these channels, thus offering banks and insurance agencies solutions ranging from InApp messaging services to Facebook Messenger support; from Video Chat channels to collaboration. It’s in this scenario that the integration with the Exprivia PFM solutions becomes strategic as they guarantee, moreover, a significant cost reduction  as for integration and management, while enabling a higher level of customer experience.”

Vivocha CEO Gianluca Ferranti speaker at Tinext Banking Transformation masterclass in Dubai

Vivocha CEO Gianluca Ferranti speaker at Tinext Banking Transformation masterclass in Dubai

Vivocha will join the Banking Transformation event its partner Tinext has organized in Dubai on April 10th.

“The question surrounding the banking industry today is not whether the industry will be transformed, but how it will be transformed. New competitors, new technology, and new consumer expectations are impacting the finance industry faster and to a more significant degree than ever experienced”

Customer behaviours is changing. New challengers in the financial space are fighting for a piece of the market, and they’re fighting for customers of their own. It’s clear to everyone that delivering a truly Digital experience is more important and more relevant than ever before. But how can financial institutions achieve this and acquire the right tools to effectively compete?

81% of UAE banking customers are willing to change their bank for a better digital experience.

55% of UAE mobile users are not satisfied with their digital experience.

This masterclass demonstrates how digital transformation is changing the future of the Finance Sector through making the customer the North Star of the business strategy.

Tinext – – is a Vivocha partner and a certified reseller and support provider for ME regions.

2017 Online Banking Customer Service Trends

2017 Online Banking Customer Service Trends

Online banking has gone a long way since the early 2000s and now that it’s 2017, there are a lot of exciting new developments that we may not have expected then. But despite how online banking has evolved these past years, the expectations remain the same. In its Digital IQ Survey, PwC showed that growing revenue is still the main drive for digital investments such as online banking.

While it’s true that generating revenue is a good driver for digital investments, this shouldn’t be the only use of digital banking innovations. These investments need to be focused on improving customer service on whole.

On that note, let’s discuss some of the new customer service trends we are beginning to see in online banking in 2017:

1. New Ways To Digitize Branches
We are beginning to see more creative ways to bring more technology into branches and even creating a closer link between mobile and online banking along with traditional banking. Some services we’ve seen include being able to start applications through mobile and online banking and continuing them in banks. Another interesting development we’ve heard of is abolishing teller counters in favour of free-roaming bank tellers with tablets who interact with clients in a lounge instead of a waiting lobby.

Being able to create this seamless connection between online and brick-and-mortar banking requires plenty of integration work across the bank’s processes and systems.

2. Mobile Payments On The Rise
Mobile wallets are continuing to spread globally as more retailers are willing to accept them as a payment method. Even Italy saw the launch of Apple Pay this year supported by banking giant Unicredit at the end of the first quarter along with Carrefour Banca. We can only expect more banks to follow suit given the younger generation’s propensity for using smartphones to efficiently manage their lives and their future financial influence.

But why are banks going for mobile payments? It’s all part of providing more flexibility for customers. More payment options is just another way to improve your service to your customers by increasing convenience for them.

3. More Advanced Data From Online Customers
Banks that put a particular focus on their online presence, especially their websites are going to gather more advanced data from online customers such as their habits while they’re on the online banking portal as well as getting deeper insights into customer needs.

Functionalities such as co-browsing, which allows banks to see firsthand exactly how customers use their website will be useful in improving online banking services. An MX Consumer Survey revealed that 67% of banking customers put “a simple and easy digital banking experience” as a key factor in choosing a bank or credit union vs. only 33% who “preferred friendly and helpful tellers and call staff”.

4. Increasing Personal Interactions in Online Banking
The steady increase in the rise of online banking use is not because people are shying away from personal contact. It’s just a faster way of getting their things done. However, there’s a huge opportunity to improve online banking services by adding the same element of personalized interaction that’s provided by bank tellers and customer service representatives.

On-demand chat functionalities with live customer service representatives can help clarify any doubts customers may have when it comes to certain online banking procedures or even just understanding certain complex financial terms.

5. Customer Service Still Key To Digital Banking Success
Accenture’s Banking Customer 2020 trends report says that in reality, most of any bank’s customers are “digital banking customers” one way or another. “Digital-only” banking users are up at 20% with traditional banking customers still using digital channels every now and then. Online banking services have also increased number of total interactions. In fact, 61% of banking customers expect to increase their online interactions across their lifecycle.

This then presents a potential risk (or opportunity) for financial institutions. Up to 80% of clients who switched banks did so because of poor customer service and said that if their issues would have been resolved, then they would have stayed on as a customer. Online banking without proper customer support is a risk that could be addressed through additional customer service functionalities such as on-demand chat, intelligence assistants, or even chatbots.

There’s no doubt that online banking will continue to grow in importance as younger generations increase their financial influence globally. Generation Z and Millennials are some of the most mobile and technologically-savvy customers that banks ever had and will expect a lot from digital banking services in the form of top-notch customer service. Financial institutions need to make sure to put customer service and customers at the heart of all its online banking changes as they move forward.

Infinity-RTI – Third place “Technology Customer Management” Award 2017

Infinity-RTI – Third place “Technology Customer Management” Award 2017

The CMMC intend to promote the benchmarking of performance and experiences among Companies with a common mission: improving the relationship with their Customers through multimedia contact center. Since 2002 CMMC has been part of ECCCO – European Confederation Contact Centre Organisations.

CMMC Awards is a unique initiative that takes place in Italy.
All participants had the opportunity to present in brief their project, emphasizing successful cases related to different categories of the Awards.
This year there are 6 categories. Each of these categories focuses on the aspects that characterize the sector’s activities, management decisions and the latest technological innovations.  

Infinity participated in the contest, presenting its solution based on Vivocha’s platform, in the category “Technology Customer Management Award 2017”, and took the 3rd place.

The multichannel contact center is entirely digital and placed in cloud. The live chat is the main channel of communication not just for sales online, but also for customer support. A proactive engine enables Infinity to engage the customer in real time: if a client starts the process of registration, he obtains a possibility to chat with an operator. The platform, used for the chat, is provided by Vivocha and placed in cloud through Amazon. An example of how it works can be found here: