Exprivia DFS will incorporate a Vivocha real-time online customer care platform into its online customers assistance service.

March 30, 2017 – Remote interactions between banks and customers keep increasing, and the online customer care evolves with a range of real-time services, smarter by the hour, integrated within banking portals or mobile banking solutions: from consulting with a personal financial manager via video chat, up to a guided proactive interaction between the customer and a specialist who previously detects the problem the user had while on the website, and suggests real time solutions.

All this becomes true thanks to the partnership agreement between Exprivia Financial Solutions Digital Srl – an Exprivia Group company focused on solutions for the financial branch – and Vivocha S.p.A. – Europe’s leading platform provider in Real Time Customer Engagement – aimed to the Vivocha.com multimedia communication platform integration, included in the solutions offered by Exprivia for bank customers.

“The alliance between Exprivia and Vivocha – said Filippo Giannelli, CEO of Exprivia Digital Financial Solutions – will allow us to offer a more complete omnichannel solution which  provides for points of contact,  throughout the entire customer journey. Both banks and insurance agencies will improve digital interactions with their customers, hence increasing the effectiveness of the on-boarding strategies, and the loyalty of acquired customers.”

The Vivocha.com solution- recently awarded by the prestigious American Computer Telephony Magazine as WebRTC Product of the Year  – will be integrated into the Exprivia suite of omnichannel Point of Contact,  allowing to significantly reduce the time and cost of remote digital support services. The new solution, directed to retail banking customers, will be integrated with the Personal Financial Manager application, aimed to the economic and financial planning, whether personal or family,  through a text interface used to activate the client’s requests and the internet-mobile banking of the bank at issue.

The solution is also designed to elevate the use of information and financial services to a new level; particularly regarding budget management, it allows the bank to be provided with useful information, in order to anticipate the needs of its client.

 “The rapid change in customer care paradigms in the financial world requires a growing focus on contact digital channels, and in particular the provision of support services payable via web and mobile,” said Gianluca Ferranti, CEO of Vivocha. “Our Real-Time Interaction solution allows to fully support the implementation process of these channels, thus offering banks and insurance agencies solutions ranging from InApp messaging services to Facebook Messenger support; from Video Chat channels to collaboration. It’s in this scenario that the integration with the Exprivia PFM solutions becomes strategic as they guarantee, moreover, a significant cost reduction  as for integration and management, while enabling a higher level of customer experience.”