Vivocha is Data Sponsor at BIG DIVE

A four-week training program to boost the technical skills needed to dive into the BIG DATA universe.

The Web of Data is rising and a new gold rush has begun in search of high level technical skills to operate effectively in this new field.

Specific competences in the areas of SW Development, Visualization and Data Science need to be refined and refocused in order to be applied effectively.

Big companies, SMEs and startups have understood the huge value that can be extracted from BIG DATA and are investing time, energy and lots of money in training a new class of professionals ready to be involved in the productive process.

Academia is also updating its training model in line with the changes in trends, technology and social evolution led by the Internet.


Did you know? Vivocha has a built-in Google Analytics integration, to help customers get a better understanding of what’s going on on their websites by collecting and presenting data in a coherent and useful interface.