Today is a very good day here at Vivocha, I’m excited to announce that Vivocha has raised € 1.5 million in venture capital from Vertis Venture and Principia II.

This investment is a concrete proof of the rapid progress we are making. I’m very proud that Vertis and Principia, two leading venture capital funds, believed in us.

We have several items on our roadmap for the coming months: ramp-up marketing and sales to accelerate the international expansion, complete the team – job posting are here and would love to have your help recruiting – expand the product features into the Mobile and Social field. We are committed to building a successful and lasting company.

The Board of Directors of the Company has also been renewed, with the entry of new members, and is now composed by Daniele Barki (Reitek S.p.A. – President), Renato Vannucci (Vertis SGR), Marco Magnocavallo (Principia SGR), Federico Pinna (co-founder & CTO) and Gianluca Ferranti (Co-founder & CEO)

My sincere thanks go first to the early days team members, they did a terrific job releasing the first product in such a short time, our secret recipe for success. I can’t forget to mention Reitek – our first investor – and all the mentors that supported us during this journey.

I know that the road to success is still long and uncertain but it’s been so much more fun taking this ride.

Time to celebrate ends here. Get back to work!

You can find the official press release here.


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