The goal is to prevent customer problems. The proactive support means also identify ways in which the customer experience can be improved without the customer requests it.

The model of proactive support can reduce the costs related to help desk, customer loyalty, by actually increase revenue.

Most organizations implement web chat and focus on passive live chat requests initiated by visitors. If the software allows pro-active live chat invitations, a huge opportunity is being missed. In fact, the value in pro-active live chat is vastly greater than passive live chat.

The primary research project coupled with the benchmarking analysis reveal some compelling facts about proactive chat:

  • The median percentage of website visitors that accept proactive chat invitations is six percent.
  • Proactive chat increases chat volume by between ~40 and ~100 percent.
  • Chatters that engage via proactive chats will convert at 6.3 times the rate of visitors who do not chat.
  • 52% of those surveyed were receptive to receiving proactive chat invitations.
  • 60% of those who’ve engaged in a live chat interaction before were receptive.
  • 72% of those whose average online transaction is greater than $150 were receptive.


Those who were not receptive were statistically more likely to be older with lower household incomes.