Those who have experienced poor customer service are more likely to share their experience than those who had a good service.

The 83% of customers in tourism establishments decide not to conclude a purchase due to a bad customer service. It is the result of a recent survey conducted by American Express, in partnership with Echo Research, titled “Global Customer Service Barometer” that shows how excellent customer service is able to retain the customer, who is willing to pay more while to receive assistance impeccable!

The good news is that, among the various sectors, the tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most appreciated by the respondents: 48% claims to have received treatment than expected, and 57% claim to have spent more to return the facility in which he had a good experience.

Here the 5 secrets to ensure that your customers Online Customer Service is perfect:

1. You have to reach people before they reach you.
Proactivity is the key to customer loyalty.

2. Customize!
The customization creates a more intimate relationship with the customer.

3. Always respond to reviews
Reply always criticisms that are made online. Do customer service also means knowing how to manage critical.

4. Invest on training
Training is essential to grow your team.

5. Prevention is better than cure. Know your customers and analize their behavior. The proactive approach wins!
Prevent the dissatisfaction of your customers. Use software that provides an insight into the online habits of your customers is of paramount importance.


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