The simplest definition of Online Reputation is how the web speaks about somebody through the voice of users.
The reputation is held in high regard by users who, during the booking process, look for information, read feedbacks from other users, and make their decisions taking into strong account what they read online.

Online reputation has become the real business card.

Having a negative reputation is a serious aspect to consider for a business that will result in:

  • a lower number of visitors to the website
  • decreases inquiries and bookings

these reasons translate into lower revenues, as well as a loss of appeal for the brand.

How to monitor and maintain a positive reputation?

To maintain a solid reputation, even after unpleasant events, several precautions are necessary:

  • always respond to negative reviews, with courtesy and education
  • constantly monitor what is being said on its structure
  • try to establish an empathetic relationship with the customer, before, during and after the service delivery
  • encourage satisfied customer to share their experiences on social net
  • be careful to perceive the expectations and needs of customers
  • adopt a proactive approach towards the problems of users
  • be present with a strong customer support system well educated and easy to find (if possible in “real time”)
  • know technical information about users, such as if coming from pay per click / organic, as how long stops on every page, on which landing landed, etc.

But why is it so important to understand what they’re saying online about your brand and monitor Reputazione2.0?

Users to reach informations about a product or service like to compare their opinions to consumers that about that product or service have had experience.
The complex of opinions, emotions, experiences and values ??expressed tell everyone the reputation of that brand.

For companies monitor, defend and enhance its image means create an income for the future, based on the trust of the public towards the company and positive emotions associated with its products and services.

The fact that the channels more popular among the users are social network involves:

  • An informal and quick communication
  • The fact that through the knowledge shared in any network users have the possibility to become a publisher
  • A huge volume of data distributed in multiple contexts due to behaviors and consumer choices

And since, according to new data Audiweb Database in September 2012, users who are connected to internet (through PC) were 28.7 million +6.4% compared to last year,  not caring about the online reputation of your company brings to miss the opportunity to increase their business, or even to its total ruin.


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