The way of integrations has started here in Vivocha!

To let you make the most of your Vivocha Online Customer Engagement Platform, we started to integrate third party applications.

This is the time of Zendesk !

What is Zendesk

Zendesk is the leading cloud-based customer service software solution. Loved by customers for its simplicity and elegance, Zendesk is the easiest and fastest way to provide great customer service.

Like Vivocha, Zendesk is easy to try, buy, implement, and use. Both you and your customers will start seeing positive results immediately.

How it works

If Zendesk is your help desk tool for customer support, now you can combine it with Vivocha to create an exceptional customer experience beginning with Vivocha, before the customer develops an intent to purchase, and continuing long with Zendesk, after the initial sale, providing great customer service.

The integration will make the following possible:

  • create tickets on-the-fly during a voice/video call or a chat with a visitor
  • search among pre-existing tickets of a returning customer
  • add a comment to an existing ticket
  • add chat transcript as a comment to an existing ticket
  • push a ticket link/page to a customer during chat

For more info, check out the Vivocha-Zendesk Integration Tutorial.

Vivocha Apps

Vivocha Apps are fast and easy-to-use single page web applications dynamically loaded into the Vivocha Agent Desktop to allow representatives to use external existing systems, like Help Desk, eCommerce, CRM platforms, during a chat or a voice/video call.

To be helpful during a real time conversation, they should be highly responsive.

For this reason, Vivocha Apps were designed with the following objectives in mind:

  • giving immediate feedback to users, even when they cannot fulfill their requests immediately
  • letting users know when processing is in progress
  • allowing users do other work while long operations proceed to completion
  • letting users set the pace of work, when possible

Vivocha Apps put reps in control by quickly acknowledging each request, by providing continuous feedback about progress for fulfilling each request, and by letting them complete their tasks without unacceptable delays.


Vivocha Dev Stars, our agile development team, develop Vivocha Apps using the latest technologies and design patterns.

Vivocha Apps are built with AngularJS, an awesome client-side JavaScript framework that lets you extend HTML and augment web apps with MVC capabilities.

The goal is to provide reps with highly responsive applications giving them an experience much closer to that of desktop applications.

Next steps

Next awesome integrations will come soon so…stay tuned!


Vivocha is designed with interoperability in mind, and offers many pre-built integrations with widely-used softwares. Request a demo to learn more.