Companies today need to shift the focus of the activities in store or on its website to a strategy that includes social networks, mobile applications and other technological innovations.

To be successful you need to focus on the targeting of customers and prospects using the same channels they prefer.

Before launching a multi-channel marketing campaign is essential to identify and manage customer profiles, communities and interactions between users and web analytics through a variety of channels.

Moreover, the analysis of consumer behavior must take into consideration the social media that are used, sites visited, newsletters and forums that are recognized or community in which they participate. This type of analysis provides information on the personal experience of online users who turn out to be vital in order to build a personalized offer that takes into account the time, the level of expenditure and the product best suited to the needs of every consumer.

In order to achieve this level of visibility and knowledge of the user, companies need to invest in the creation of media-rich online user experience-oriented and customer support, which allows businesses to communicate directly and in real time with their visitors.


Vivocha is multichannel, allowing communication via Chat, VoIP, CallBack, Video and email, to let visitors choose what they like the most. Have a look at all the features or request a demo to learn more.