Everyone is focused on growing revenues, especially to add stability to their businesses and to cover rising operating costs.

This are 10 simple tips that can help:

  1. Acquire new customers setting up a referral sales, increasing advertising and social media buzz: every referral sales or social media have a different target and you can give them the right product/service as they need;
  2. Target new markets finding an overseas market, a niche market, through mobile or sell in a new channel: not all customers need the same product or service. Or, not all customers need all your products or service;
  3. Sell more to existing customers through promotions, loyalty programs daily details or through more re-marketing: try to acquire more informations from your customers and give them what they want;
  4. Expand products, like add new product lines or expand selection of existing lines (but pay attention: don’t offer too many choices);
  5. Cross-channel marketing, for example sell online and pick up in store or buy in store and offer free shipping: give more flexibility to your customer, offering a special service;
  6. Personalized email with customer name and with a list of products of interest: try something close to their preferences;
  7. Add a CRM system for understand better needs and habits of customers: the right product and service for the right customers;
  8. Increase the conversion rate: change your landing pages, put a new call to action, simplify the cart process of your ecommerce;
  9. Increase profit margin on your products: optimize your and your stakeholders processes, find key products and give them more value;
  10. Increase the efficiency of your customer sales and support taking a proactive approach and in real time


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