There’s a way for you to increase your online sales and you won’t have to do anything shady.

When most people start selling online, they often create extensive product and service lists because they believe that will help them to increase sales.
The problem is that people think “more is better” but long product lists are conversion killers.  And if you want to increase your sales you must streamline your offerings.

Two researchers at Columbia University,Mark Lepper and Sheena Iyengar, decided to test this in different ways, for example they setting up a sampling table in a supermarket with either 24 jams or 6 jams. The 30% of those who had tasted one of the 6 jams bought a pot compared to just 3% of those who tasted one of the 24. They repeated the experiment in all sorts of markets experiencing the same behavior!

A customer wants to be sure they are making the right buying decision. If there are too many choices that can lead to confusion!

Portfolio analysis is an important activity for any business, and it needs to be done regularly. Done properly and it can increase your sales.

Proactively and regularly interactions with your customers is essential to keep you informed on the needs expressed and hidden from your target audience.


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