With today’s cutthroat competition from big Companies, trying to compete on price can be a quick road to ruin for startups, companies and e-business in general.

We have to keep in mind that customers will not go almost anywhere just to save a buck so you have to stop trying to compete on price alone.

What your business needs to stand out is better customer service and satisfied customers for drive your business. What keeps customers satisfied?

  1. Knowledgeable and available staff: While a customer is making the buying decision, they want knowledgeable assistance, available when they want it.
  2. A fast finish: This final item is where too many businesses fall flat, right at the finish line. They want thoughtful help making the right decisions.
  3. Convenience: The service rule here is simple: make it easy!
  4. Friendly people: Your staff should value each customer more than any individual sale.


Vivocha is designed with interoperability in mind, and offers many pre-built integrations with widely-used softwares, to provide Agents will the information they need, when they need them. Request a demo to learn more.