Customer Success Manager

At Vivocha, we’re passionate about investing in our customer’s success in adopting Vivocha as a powerful solution for their Customer Service.

Our Customer Success team takes responsibility for helping new companies just starting to use Vivocha get off to the right start and then get the most out of the product over time. We’re looking for individuals who thrive on teaching and helping others adopt new technology, new habits and new skills. Extensive knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript is mandatory.

As a Customer Success Manager, you will use a combination of tools to help get new Vivocha users started, learn about their business and what coordination needs they have, and ensure that they know how to use Vivocha to their maximum benefit. You will become a lifeline to these companies over their entire experience with Vivocha. Their successes will feel like yours. You are empathetic to their specific business processes, and to the variety of personalities in their team, and can craft communication and education tailored to each.

OUR CSM Super Hero …

  • Shows true passion for customers, and
  • Willingness to get hands dirty with code
  • Strong personality
  • Customer facing roles
  • Tech savvy
  • Not video shy
  • Strong organizational skills

Responsibilities will include:

  • Development of custom widgets in HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Constant help towards the customers in using Vivocha in the best way
  • Live demos to new potential customers, live training to existing customers
  • Definition of objectives and strategies with new customers during the onboarding process
  • Collecting customer requirements for specific projects
  • First support level, responsible for basic and common customers issues
  • Constant feedback to the product team regarding users general needs, main problems, etc
  • Creation of presentations such as new product features presentations


  • Extensive knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Willingness to help teams succeed, and a deep sense of empathy for busy technology users
  • Great communication skills – able to provide clear & concise guidance through emails, over the phone, or in person – fluent English is mandatory
  • Able to efficiently switch contexts from responding to customer emails to giving a product demo to meeting with the product team about an upcoming feature
  • Relentlessly optimistic and attentive to the details that make service stand out