Multichannel Customer Service

Vivocha is the simplest and most effective multi-channel online customer engagement service.

Vivocha is a cloud-based service tailored to businesses looking to engage with their customers online using the most effective communication channel at the right time, with the right agent.

Vivocha allows communication through different media: Chat, for quick interactions; Click2Call, to talk directly via the browser; CallBack, for customers that want to be contacted on their phone; VideoChat, for face-to-face communication; and WebLead, for 24/7 email availability. Read more about each of these channels below.


Vivocha's chat allows your customer to start a chat with you in a single click. It is a simple solution for engaging with your website visitors, creating strong relationships, and building loyalty.

Whether your goal is to push sales on an e-commerce website or provide customer support for any kind of service, chat is a quick and easy communication channel that any customer will understand.

Vivocha's chat is packed with advanced features: customer navigation path, co-browsing, form sharing, canned responses, automatic translation, and high integrability with other tools and platforms.

Have you always wanted to add chat to your website? With Vivocha, you're just 5 minutes away!


Provide customers with a more personal communication channel: Click2Call allows users to communicate with agents directly from their browser, no plugin required!

Chat is a great solution for interacting with customers, but some businesses (and some customers) require a deeper, more personal communication: Click2Call allows seamless voice communication between customers and agents.

Click2Call is part of Vivocha's suite and is included in all plans. Give it a try!


CallBack allows customers to provide their telephone number and be called back from the agents either immediately (CallBackNow) or later (CallBackLater), depending on settings, agent availability, and user preferences.

CallBack allows you to communicate with your customers directly on their phone, at no cost to them!

CallBack is a feature included in all Vivocha plans, check it out!


There are some customers who require a more visual interaction, some transactions that are better handled face-to-face, and some interactions that require deeper engagement: video chat is the answer!

Customers can initiate a video chat directly or convert a regular chat into a video chat if they need more information or want a more personal interaction.

Start providing superior support to your customers, start video chatting!


Don't lose leads or potential customers when you're not online: the WebLead allows any Vivocha account to set up a data collection form to capture leads when agents aren't able to respond in real-time.

WebLead can be used to collect email addresses, telephone numbers, and other contact details that may be useful to respond to customers when you get back online; it's fully customizable and it's always ready.

Stop losing opportunities: set up your WebLead form now!

Start Improving Your Conversion Rate and Customer Satisfaction Now!


About us

Vivocha - a startup with offices in San Francisco, Milan and Cagliari - provides an online customer interaction platform that enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers directly on the website, using any combination of VoIP, video, chat, callbacks and collaboration tools like assisted browsing and form and document sharing.

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