Partners Program

Welcome to Vivocha’s Partner Program

We are excited to announce our Partner Referral Program that gives you a new way to generate revenue by reselling or referring customers to our service!

Anyone can refer new customers to Vivocha and earn commission with one of the highest commission programs on our sector: 25% commission on the first order and 10% on all recurring orders… lifetime!


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Partners Revenue

How can I became a partner of Vivocha?

It’s very simple: sign-up for an account and you will receive a referral code. You can share rour referral code anyone, and for each person who purchases a Vivocha plan, you will receive your share of the revenue.

What is “Referral Code”?

Referral code is a URL with a unique code that allows us to identify which customers you referred.

How do I get paid?

Payment will be delivered to you monthly via PayPal so long as your balance is above $50. If your balance is below $50, you will be paid on the next monthly payout date as long as your balance is above $50. We will make payments in $USD.

How can I find new customers?

We do not limit your creativity! You can use any method you choose to find new customers (banner ads, links, etc.).

Is it possibile to have a white label service?

Yes, we offer a white label platform. Each service can be graphically customized with the advanced tools you can find in your account. For very large projects, we offer OEM agreements.

Can I earn revenue on my own account?

Unfortunately, no. You can only earn revenue on accounts you refer. Violations of this clause will be considered as fraud and will be grounds for deleting your account.

About us

Vivocha - a startup with offices in San Francisco, Milan and Cagliari - provides an online customer interaction platform that enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers directly on the website, using any combination of VoIP, video, chat, callbacks and collaboration tools like assisted browsing and form and document sharing.

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